Which Multilingual Immersion should I choose for my child? Zoo Academy or Zoo U

Subscription to Multilingual Immersion gives children to the English and Chinese editions of a StrengthBuilder that is suitable for their language ability. Children go through scenarios and quests as their avatar in our training games in the order that’s suggested to them from their user dashboard. curaFUN’s multilingual specialists make adjustment to your child’s performance.
Multilingual Immersions enable students to experience life as a school-age child from two languages/cultures. When you’re trying to determine the appropriate placement, ask yourself how your child would fare if he/she move to the United States/China and started going to school in English/Chinese with native speakers. That’s the immersion experience.
Below is a chart to help.
Corresponding difficulty
Quick Preview Assessment
1st, 2nd grade
coming soon
3rd – 5th grade
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About the author: Caitlyn Wang
Caitlyn has scored above 99% every standardized tests she's taken since the ripe young age of 7, from the Wechsler IQ test, ABSRM piano performance exam to SAT. She is a proven senior business leader with global marketing, product development, supply chain management backgrounds who likes to tackle the impossible and has managed teams on three continents. Equally important, she is a devoted mother of two, a skilled pianist, certified yoga and aerial teacher, vocalist and lifelong learner.
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