Two Knee Surgeries

One of the most difficult physical challenges in my life was when I had my knee surgery after falling at an airport. I was on a trip when I fell on the airport steps. I felt a lot of pain at the time but I did not realize what had happened until I went to the doctor who gave me an MRI and found that I had an injury requiring surgery. We scheduled it right away. The surgery went smoothly and a painstaking 6 month rehabilitation followed. I was not able to move my leg for 3 months and thereafter, was not able to put full weight on it for another 6 months. Months of physical therapy was scheduled thereafter. However, 2 months into my rehabilitation, while walking my dog, I suffered an injury to the same knee. This time, the doctor gave up on repairing it and went in my knee to remove the injured pieces of cartilage. I had to stay strong and resilient through these multiple injuries. As you can imagine, it was so discouraging after so many months of recovery to be injured and need to have another surgery.

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