How I found my strength again through pole dancing!

When I was 12, I thought I would have been super successful by the time I was 40. Back then, I defined success by the material things you can see and touch. I envisioned myself with a nice power suit with large shoulder pads (please remember I grew up in the 80’s), single, working in a high rise building with a large window office, making lots and lots of money, and generally speaking, being the boss of life.

But my life turned out quite differently. Right before I turned 40, I realized that I didn’t own any power suit (maybe not a bad thing!) I was not single, but happily married with 3 kids. I worked really hard after college, but did not end up in a beautiful high rise corner window office or make obscene amounts of money. I worked in a modest office facing daily struggles with work, and generally trying to stay afloat balancing kids and career. I was not NOT successful, but I felt something was missing. I wasn’t the badass I thought I would be.

I didn’t want to turn 40 feeling this way. I decided to try everything I hadn’t because I was too busy or too embarrassed. After reading Sheryl Sandberg’s book “Lean In,”I asked myself what I would do if I weren’t afraid. I wanted to explore my different interests, I wanted to expand! I started French, ballet pointe, scuba diving, Kpop dance and pole dance lessons. This may not seem like much for you young people, but for a 40 year-old woman to walk into classes filled with people half her age (and in much better physical shape), it was intimidating! It was especially hard for me to attend pole dance classes because not only does it require strength (I have very little as I never liked working out), it also requires you to bare some skin for safety as you need the friction to steady self on pole. And after 3 kids, I was not at all thrilled about having to show my flappy thighs, tummy, arms…basically my whole self.

I had to combat the little voice that says “Let’s just skip it! You don’t need this. You don’t need to know how to pole dance in life! You don’t have to embarrass yourself like this” every time before class.

What made me go through with it? I wanted to be my full self. I have learned that life already gives you a lot of limitations and I did not want to further limit myself. I thought, “what’s the worse that can happen? People laugh at you? You fail? And then what if you fail? Who has not failed at least a few times in their life? Doesn’t that make life more interesting? ” After attending a few classes, I found that even dancers with the perfect figure and great forms can be insecure about themselves. I learned that insecurity does not always correlate to what is “real,” it is a mindset that you have the power to overcome.

Out of all the classes I tried, I ended up sticking with pole dancing. It was the one that I feared the most, but it was also the one that was the most rewarding. After I overcame my insecurities and embraced growth mindset, I not only begun to improve in my skills, and also how I felt about myself. I judged my “imperfect” body less and started appreciating how strong I can be. To say feeling I had when I first accomplished a split upside down was ecstatic would be an understatement. I felt my power! I felt my strength! And I felt it coming from within!

Since then, I have made major changes in my career. I started my own coaching and consulting business at 47 when people thought it might be too old to start something new. But I wasn’t afraid anymore. I have also changed the way I define success and failures. I now see “failures” just as learning lessons, and I embrace them. I have also tried gliding, river trekking, canoying, and hopefully other fun stuff. I know I am successful now, because I don’t feel like something is missing. I know I am living my life to the fullest, and I feel the joy of life.

My Bio:

Enjoying the last dance

I’ve known my wife’s Mom, Joan, for 40 years and we would take her on trips every Summer. These trips stopped when she moved into Assisted Living due to health issues. Last July my wife and I moved her our of her facility in New York and to our home in Wisconsin. She enjoyed sitting on the deck in the sun and not being in a elder home under COVID lock-down. We danced, laughed and cared for her until we needed to engage Hospice care late last year. Joan passed away last month but knowing that her quality of life at her end of life was loving, brought a certain peace for all of us. It was time well spent. God bless you Joan.

The story of Melody the quadrilingual girl

Melody a charming girl is half Taiwanese half Spanish and French, and is an English speaker. She had been all over the world moving constantly from country to country (Spain, France, Taiwan) each time going to different schools and cultural environments.

Her ease in all these languages has made her adaptive in all sorts of different cultural backgrounds and truly able to adapt to different views, ideologies and life philosophies in general.

Melody has been forced since her youngest age to keep an open mind and accept all sorts of ways to conceive the world, taking advantage off all the cultures she knows.

She has made all sorts of very interesting self adaptations that resulted in her very unique way to view the world, for example she bypassed all sorts of local languages because she considered them “too closed” Melody has come to appreciate broadness.

Melody has filtered all the cultures she knew, keeping what she felt was more advantageous, she has created her very unique and interesting way to view the problems and deal wih life, always resorting in different ways to deal with problems according to the situation.

Melody has acquired awesome cognitive abilities and is able to learn new stuff in an instant as her highly trained mind has been used to handle various stream of information at once.

Thanks to Curafun we have been able to keep an incoming stream of material for her and enforce further her mental fitness and self-confidence.

Curafun made the “Good better for your us” we advise it for anyone who would be will to give it a try.

Mike and Leonard

I went to a small school. There were about 30 of us who went from 1st through 8th grade together, so we felt very much like a family. We were in seventh grade , most of us around 12 years old, when this terrible event happened.

It was May 1st, Mayday, and we had a school holiday. Mike and Leonard, my classmates, decided to have an adventure. They wanted to see what would happen if they lighted a small line of gasoline – how fast would it shoot from one end to the other? How bright would it be? How noisy? But, of course, they didn’t want to be seen trying this, so they decided to experiment in a storm drain, an enclosed large tunnel beneath the street.

They lifted up the manhole cover and descended the small ladder into the drain. They walked several paces into the darkness, and then started pouring a thin stream of gasoline along the floor of the drain as the crept back toward the opening. Mike struck a match and tossed it toward the end of the gasoline strip. The gas immediately erupted AND the flame jumped to the oily exterior of the gas can, which exploded into a huge fireball.

They were right below the opening. Leonard scrambled up quickly, unharmed… and then realized Mike was not right behind him. Seeing nothing but fire and smoke below, Leonard went back down and was able to drag Mike up out of the flames, saving his life. Somehow, when needed, he had found the courage and strength he needed to risk his life to rescue his friend.

Cell City

On the day of January 29th, my sister entered in a card game competition, with the prize of publishing your own game. I was oblivious to this. When I first heard of it, my thought was “why the heck are they talking so loudly?” They mumbled about how the foundation would be, how to incorporate both learning and fun in a single game. My mother had to drag her out from working over night on this, actually. My sister displayed discipline as she worked every single day on this, confidence since she believed she would win. No sobbing stories about her losing is a plus, though.


There once was a time where I felt uncertain about how I would do school in this quarantine or, play with my friends. But than I read a story and it said,”Have confidencee yes, with 2 E’s.” I couldn’t believe it than it said,”If you have 2 E’s it’s better than 1.” I really likes this story so I decided to have confidencee with 2 E’s because 2 E’s is better than 1. So then I went online to my school call and yes I had confidencee that I could make it the best year ever. You can be a superhero just by simply just washing your hands, staying 6 feet and I know that one’s hard, or just simply wearing a mask because your not just saving yourself but your saving everyone around you. And also remember 2 E’s are better that 1.