How much do adventurers get paid?

Below is a chart of exactly how treasure chests are rewarded at the end of a quest.  Quest Depot’s payout rate is designed specifically to maximize motivation and facilitate behavior change.  It’s also important to note that Quest Depot doesn’t require 100% success for full treasure chest award qualification.  Perfectionism impedes long-term personal growth, and we value progress and effort towards the right direction in order to maximize our adventurer’s life potential.

  • 87-100% success rate = full payment + a bonus to be determined + awarded appropriate in-game trophies and ranks
  • 76-86% success rate = 80%  + awarded appropriate in-game trophies and ranks
  • 65-75% success rate = 70% of all treasure chest items tied to the goal (from self and sponsors) + awarded appropriate in-game trophies and ranks
  • 55-64% success rate = 35% of treasure chest items 
  • 54% and below = 0% payment

*All unreleased treasure chest balances are kept in adventurers’ account for use as reward for future quests or coaching services.

Details of how the Treasure Chest works

Psychologists and performance scientists agree that behaviors can be shaped by a consistently-implemented reward system.  Treasure Chest is the reward–actual money–adventurers can earn by completing their quests successfully. It teaches and reinforces the important relationship of one’s actions and life outcome which builds a growth, success-oriented mindset.

We’ve gotten requests for non-monetary treasure chest options, and there is a way for adventurers to set their own non-monetary reward.  Our priority is to implement a consistent reward system globally where parents, grandparents, family and friends can sponsor adventurers on their goals, and have plans to provide financial literacy lessons for children to manage their treasure chest wins.