How do you ensure children users’ online safety on

We share your concerns, and have spent years tweaking parent control setting in our homes, trying every app, hardware that are released.

Our program provides a safe environment for children to learn, fail and try again.  It is an intentional and controlled learning environment, and the only equivalent is hiring a one-on-one coach with years of experience in child psychology and education pedagogy. Also, extensive research supervised by NSF, US Department of Education as well as our own internal studies demonstrate that children only need to participate in the program two times a week for 15 minutes each time to benefit.

As a non-profit founded to improve Asian youth’s emotional fitness, we commit to the following:

No hidden agendas – political, religious or anything other than improving children’s emotional wellbeing.

No selling or trading of your personal information

No advertisement  You don’t have to worry about inappropriate Google, Youtube ads popping up. We are not going to sell anything to your kids nor allow other companies to do so.

No private messaging, chatting or emails 
We understand dangers abound online, which is why your children’s accounts exist under yours.  There is no peer to peer private messaging or chatting.   Many other schools and programs ask for children’s emails, we don’t ask and don’t store that data anywhere.  Subscribers to the Multilingual Immersion program have the option of participating in our international pen pal program.  You can find out more about this program here, but know that it is a teacher-led pen pal program where your child’s coach facilitate language and cultural exchange between chosen pen pals.

No Storage or tracking of personal identifying Information

  1. Children can be signed up by their parents, and there’s no need for children to provide their email or identifying personal information.
  2. Any information requested are only used to create personal evaluation/assessment reports, website login and payment processing.


Is it possible for my child to finish the entire game in one month? Can I cancel after a month?

Our research shows that children from schools and parents who observe best practices tend to complete each program in about six months. curaJOY is a nonprofit dedicated to promoting the emotional wellbeing of Asian youth worldwide.  Read about our mission here.  Each subscription includes not only the game but assessment and recommendation as well as important on-going activities like daily mood check-in, gratitude journal, breathing meditations, positive thinking, goal setting and mentoring that all work cohesively to forge your child’s inner armor.  Our online games are only one portion of each program.  Subscribers to our Multilingual Immersions can also opt in our beta Virtual Exchange Student Pen Pal, and be guided by our coaches to interact with children from other countries.  While we certainly hope your child keeps his/her subscription, you may cancel your subscription at any time. There is no commitment.  Period.

We give families the option of month-to-month subscriptions on all our programs as well as discounts on 6-month and 12-month subscriptions.

Our founder wrote about progress in her blog.  You may want to read it here.

Do I have to sign a contract or commit to a long membership?

No, there is no long-term commitment. We want to make our programs assessible to as many families as possible. However you should keep in mind that the full value of curaJOY’s programs are in their unique three-prong approach. Parents receive a personalized and valid Strength Assessment Report for their child after he/she has completed the first six scenes of our StrengthBuilders or Multilingual Immersions. The StrengthBuilder Roadmap at the conclusion of our programs contains detailed evaluations of your child, with insightful progress report and our expert’s recommendations.

Some of the dialogue text got cut off in the game. Why aren’t all texts displaying in the games?

The text displaying on screen are merely visual aids, mainly as anchors to help children make choices throughout the game. It’s far too easy for children to speed through the game without listening and understand the nonverbal, often untaught element of communication. Some of the choices presented to children in our programs appear identical in print but convey drastically different meaning with different tone of voice, volume and other non-verbal cues of communication. Afterall, these are the essence of a language when you wish to engage in meaningful interactions with people in everyday life.

curaJOY’s programs are designed for our 6 inner strengths, focus, social skills, tone of voice, multilingual learner’s listening comprehension and conversational fluency. Each program employs professional educators, actors and licensed psychologist in their creation, and tone of voice, posture, timing, negotiation style, joining conversations and body language are among the components of communication that we teach children.

If your child is used to rapidly clicking through games with limited comprehension and intention, they learn to slow down and patiently listen to every dialogue instead of skimming and skipping ahead. Our modern world where automated processes increasingly eliminate face to face communication raise a younger generation who only knows texting as a main vehicle of communication. Take “why are you crying?” for instance, you can interpret it with a concerned, caring intent, an impatient tone of voice, implying the unwillingness to tolerate such a crybaby, or a prying tone of voice, showing the intention to look for something to gossip about, when we leave you clueless about the nonverbal aspects of communication. By listening through the different audio recording in our programs, children experience the difference in nonverbal communications, and with our guidance, take it one step further by reflecting on how they usually interact and ways to improve.

curaJOY teaches children through allowing them to experience the benefits and consequences of different choices in communication and more. Natural learning like this retains better and longer.

How do the Multilingual Immersions work? Can my child play in both languages at the same time?

curaJOY’s Multilingual Immersions are best suited for language learners with at least an intermediate understanding of the foreign language who wish for true fluency. There are no vocabulary flashcards or similar basic skill building instructions. A good question to ask is whether your child would understand at least half of the content if they were spoken to in that foreign language.

When there is a noticeable difference in language fluency between English and Mandarin, we suggest starting in the language that your child is more comfortable with to achieve adoption of the program, especially the first 6 scenes. The Strength Assessment Report that is included with your purchase is unique, personalized based on your child’s gameplay data from the first six scenes of whichever language they play. (Children may even choose to play scene 1 in Mandarin, 2 in English, scene 3 in Mandarin and so on.)

After the initial Strength Assessment Report, curaJOY partners with you on your child’s growth journey and provide valuable insights on your child’s progress throughout the game, with detailed analysis on their strengths and weaknesses.

I really like your mission, and have my own stories (we call them shining moments) that I’d like to share with the next generation.

Yes!!! By all means, please share with the next generation. We live in a world where most of us have more but treasure less. Experiences are the best teachers. curaJOY‘s Shining Moments page is a great place to share your experiences and mentor Earth’s future movers and shakers. You may also contact us to discuss the possibility of arrange for video interviews and formal write ups.