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We recommend 30 minutes of game play twice a week for skill retention, but even 15 minutes would be beneficial.  Be sure to help your student set up their avatar in the game play as some younger children have trouble with this part.  When the game says “You finished the game,” your child has finished a scene, and may return next time for their session.  It’s important to note that children should finish a scene before quitting for the most accurate personalized assessment reporting. Consistent practice is essential to mastering any skill. curaFUN products incorporate proven effective methods of enhancing children’s character and social emotional skills. Each game we offer contains 24-30 scenes, and children will benefit most from repeated play. Your child has unlimited access to the game during their subscription.

A study by the UNESCO MGIEP using StrengthBuilders showed how social and emotional skill development requirements were similar amongst children aged 5-15, across countries and races. Our multilingual games were found to give children a leg-up to thrive in multi-cultural classroom settings.
We followed a multi-pronged approach to develop Mandarin language learning products for children aged 5-15, in the following manner:

• curaFUN teamed up with leading child psychologists, educators and professional counselors in China & Taiwan, to understand how Mandarin-speaking children learn languages.

• We used the insights to develop gameplay scenarios that are recognizable to children. Depending on the age of the child, these scenarios included realistic interactions. For example, introducing oneself, borrowing a book, making friends, asking for advice, giving directions, recommending favorite artists etc. These scenarios are in increasing order of complexity.

• Puns, phrases & words that are common in English-speaking countries (but not in Mandarin-speaking countries) were changed to suit the Chinese cultural context and vice-versa. This was done to make them more understandable and accessible to children.

• All conversations in the curaFUN’s programs were recorded enlisting real people and not AI. Native Mandarin speakers were used to record Mandarin conversations, while native English speakers were used to voice the English-speaking characters. This allowed us to infuse the natural tone of voice and cadence variations that native speakers use when conversing with others.
• Care was taken to emote in the conversations, to allow children to recognize audio cues and match them with relevant vocabulary. The animated characters were designed to display relevant body language – which are normally associated with the audio cues – to make the conversation as realistic as possible.

At curaFUN, our focus isn’t just on building your child’s vocabulary, but to make them so confidently proficient and comfortable in the foreign language, that they’ll confidently hold conversations with a native speaker. We aim to do this by eliminating the traditional, time-bound language classes (normally offered in schools/language institutes) and replace it with fun multilingual learning lessons that can be taken anywhere, at any time.

We are the only multilingual life skills & socio-emotional-learning character education games provider in the Asian market. We offer unlimited access to both the English and Mandarin Chinese versions during your child’s subscription. If you’d like to learn more about our product, feel free to reach out to us here.

Yes!!! By all means, please share with the next generation. We live in a world where most of us have more but treasure less. Experiences are the best teachers. curaFUN‘s Shining Moments page is a great place to share your experiences and mentor Earth’s future movers and shakers. You may also contact us to discuss the possibility of arrange for video interviews and formal write ups.

All of curaFUN’s StrengthBuilder are professionally designed and validated to assess and build resilience and cooperation as well as other key strengths such as communication, confidence, self discipline and empathy. Remind your child that this game is all about practicing and learning. We don’t often get anything right on the first try, but if we keep practicing, we’ll get it eventually. curaFUN’s psycho-educational experts intentionally design scenarios to challenge children and occasionally frustrate them in order for them to grow. These frustrations are necessary for the children to master the necessary life skills and emotional intelligence that are often missing from their schools and real life.

Our proprietary algorithm dynamically adjusts the difficulty of game-based tasks throughout the entire game to be sufficiently challenging yet d not so difficult that uncertainty, confusion, or frustration. If your child is frustrated by certain challenges in StrengthBuilder, you’ll likely see corresponding weakness in your child’s reporting on that area of your parent dashboard. curaFUN games provide realistic, research-based, and often missing opportunities for children to build strengths and grow their social emotional skills. For some children, knowing the benefits and purpose of curaFUN games might be the key to their buy in. For example, you can share that they can practice approaching new friends or stand up to a bully in the game, and the strengths that they build in curaFUN will carry over to real life.

Your words of encouragement go a long way when children become frustrated from their lessons. It’s ok to take breaks or complete just one scene at a time and come back to the game. Remember, it only takes 15-30 minutes twice a week for children to experience benefits from our program. It’s ok to take a break, and come back to tackle the challenge another day. Afterall, that’s what one of our key strength, resilience, is all about! Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need additional help or recommendations.”

curaFUN’s StrengthBuilder is an age-specific collection of comprehensive 3-part programs which assess, improve and roadmap the social emotional skills, performance and behavioral readiness of children ages 5-15. The composite score from StrengthBuilder assessments have been validated to be a reliable social emotional competence (SEC) score. (Cronbach’s alpha =.82).  Validity of StrengthBuilder’s evaluations and reporting went through rigorous validation criteria, compiling multiple qualitative and quantitative data points including

  • Clinical research staff’s 1-on-1 observation of children’s gameplays (prior, during, post evaluations)
  • Children’s self-evaluation and feedback
  • Educators’ standardized assessment scale of children
  • Parents’ assessment of children using Devereux Student Strengths Assessment short form (DESSA-mini)
  • Review by clinical psychology and third party research agencies

In fact, StrengthBuilder games are the only social emotional games to go through large-scale efficacy studies by the US Department of Education.

Question: You claim that games in your programs are educational and not addictive. Then does that mean it’s boring and my kids won’t like it?

Our programs are definitely not entertainment. curaFUN programs professionally evaluate children in six core strength areas, and then dynamically calibrate level of difficulty to challenge your kids especially in areas where they need the most work. We all have our natural strengths and weaknesses, but our weaknesses only stay as such if we cower from them and allow them the power to become forever stumbling blocks. curaFUN’s AI driven programs are customized for your child and also grounded on the concept of ZPD. Growth is uncomfortable. We would be selling snake oil if we claim that your kids will volunteer to play StrengthBuilders or Multilingual Immersions over watching TV or playing PS4. For example, when we are training—yes, interactively training rather than just lecturing—kids to practice perseverance and patience, will the game be fast and easy?  In another post, we gave an analogy of a junior sales person attending a two-hour negotiation seminar one weekend, and expecting to suddenly close every deal for his company the next week.

Do you truly want to see results?   Real progress is hard, but it’s what we’re after. We care about your child’s growth more than being the most entertaining game on the market, so please encourage your child on their growth journey.

curaFUN programs are not entertainment. We’ve designed tough lessons to be effective yet still fun, and you can set your child up for success by allotting regular time(s) each week for them to concentrate on their subscription as a substitute for other learning activities. We find that when offered the choice between typical school work on our program, they’ll choose curaFUN every time.

Our research shows that children from schools and parents who observe best practices tend to complete each program in about six months. curaFUN is a nonprofit dedicated to promoting the emotional wellbeing of Asian youth worldwide.  Read about our mission here.  Each subscription includes not only the game but assessment and recommendation as well as important on-going activities like daily mood check-in, gratitude journal, breathing meditations, positive thinking, goal setting and mentoring that all work cohesively to forge your child’s inner armor.  Our online games are only one portion of each program.  Subscribers to our Multilingual Immersions can also opt in our beta Virtual Exchange Student Pen Pal, and be guided by our coaches to interact with children from other countries.  While we certainly hope your child keeps his/her subscription, you may cancel your subscription at any time. There is no commitment.  Period.

We give families the option of month-to-month subscriptions on all our programs as well as discounts on 6-month and 12-month subscriptions.

Our founder wrote about progress in her blog.  You may want to read it here.

curaFUN programs can accommodate a wide range of abilities. Children can still play and enjoy our games even when they cannot read fluently. Every single line is recorded and played aloud either automatically or at the click of a mouse, and the program is developed and tested to children’s social emotional and cognitive developmental milestones.

Once purchased, your child may play freely on any internet browsers at home or in school. There is no special app to download.  Remember to make sure that device’s speakers or headphones are working properly as dialogue and tone of voice are important in our games.  Younger children should spend about 15-30 minutes per session playing, and have the assistance of an adult their first time playing to ensure success.

Also, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Set your child up for success by finding a dedicated time when he/she is well-rested and able to give this program their attention and energy. One example is to schedule for your child to play Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday evening before dinner, and then provide a small incentive after the game in the beginning.

You may login to your account, and reset your child’s password from Account Dashboard >> Manage Children


We are available to answer your questions about our products or help with technical troubleshooting Monday – Friday 9 am – 6 pm PST.