Interactive Programs And Assessments For Children's Social Emotional Growth

StrengthBuilders are effective programs that evaluate, improve the social emotional skills, performance and behavioral readiness of children ages 5-15. In the format of interactive games, we make learning and practicing important life skills like communication, positive thinking, perseverance, impulse control both effective and fun.

For Families
For Families

* Convenient, effective at-home behavior therapy
* Social skills training for twice gifted children and others with learning differences
* Medication-free approach to prevent or minimize ADHD symptoms

For Schools
For Schools

* Improved parent satisfaction with social emotional education curriculum
* Detailed, individual student progress data and reports
* Quick and cost efficient way to implement personalized, differentiated learning

For Counselors and Therapists
For Counselors and Therapists

* Respected, proven program complementary to your services
* Gamified instruction = High client compliance and satisfaction
* Consistent execution of cognitive psychology and behavior therapy principles

What is included in the StrengthBuilder programs?



curaFUN’s StrengthBuilder is a subscription that provides unlimited access to a comprehensive collection of programs which assess, improve, support, and roadmap the social emotional skills, performance, and behavioral readiness of children ages 5-15.

Subscriptions are available in English or Mandarin Chinese, and parents may sign up for a year, 6-months or by the month. There is no commitment on your part–only our unwavering commitment to helping your children realize their maximum potential.

  • STEP 1
    Assessment Icon

    The Assessment

    Each of our programs start with a series of rigorously validated professional social emotional evaluations to determine your child’s current strengths and weaknesses. Many kids are test-adverse, so we’ve built this typically tedious assessment into a game. *Children usually finish this after six to ten sessions.
  • STEP 2
    Progress Icon

    The Report

    When your child completes the assessment, you’ll receive a report showing his/her scores in each of the six inner strength areas and as they compared to others. Our assessment has been reviewed by the National Science Foundation and multiple other third-parties for its validity and accuracy. For more details on our research and product development, click here.
  • STEP 3
    Strengthbuilding Icon

    The Training

    From here on, your child’s experience in our programs becomes personalized based on their assessment results with our AI deep data algorithm seven years in the making, and it changes as students make progress, targeting the areas where your student most needs a boost. *Scenes can be repeated as many as your child would like, and there are hundreds of different options.
  • STEP 4
    Assessment Icon

    Inner Armor

    Members are guided through strength building activities like daily mood check-in, gratitude journal, breathing meditations, positive thinking, goal setting every time they log on to our site. Connect to growth-oriented and like-minded children on our Shining Moments page where the community share curated inspirational stories.
  • STEP 5
    Roadmap Icon

    The Roadmap

    Our system analyzes your child’s progress throughout the program, and provides continued evaluation results and our expert’s recommendations in your parental portal, breaking down each strength into specific foundational skills.

StrengthBuilders: English Version

Zoo Academy

$25/ year

for children ages 5 – 8

Zoo U

$25/ year

for children ages 7 – 11


Zoo Academy


Pre-K to 1st Grade

StrengthBuilder: Zoo Academy first assesses, then systematically develops the skills necessary to cultivate a growth mindset and emotional intelligence in children 4.5 years to 7 years old. The first program of its kind backed by multiple scientific studies, StrengthBuilder is an interactive and effective experiential learning program for children to practice new skills to eventually develop better habits and better approaches in real life. Topics covered include going to a new school, separation anxiety, inviting friends to play, dealing with rejection and much more.

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Zoo U


for 7 – 11 Year-Olds

Do your kids want more friends? speak more confidently? Set and reach their goals? StrengthBuilder: Zoo U, a program funded by the US Department of Education and National Science Foundation to improve children’s social emotional skills, provides your child with a proven accurate and effective three-part program: assessment + improvement + consultation. Throughout this program, your child will face common life problems appropriate for their age, such as dealing with bullies, following complicated instructions, staying focused despite distractions, and problem solve, decide how to communicate and interact with other characters.

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Which topics are covered in the training?


We cover topics including active listening, perspective taking, word choices, body language, negotiation styles that children usually have to wait until college to learn.


Lessons in this category help your child in conflict resolution and become a leader from an early age. Developing cooperation strength also helps children make and keep friends, and start preparing for leadership roles.


Empathy is foundational to conflict resolution, leadership, and emotional wellbeing. It doesn’t just help people get along, but also enhances happiness and reduces stress. Perspective taking is frequently practiced throughout all programs, and aids problem solving greatly.


Growing numbers of experts say resilience is the #1 key to success. We don’t just “lecture” about resilience. In our programs, children learn by doing–overcoming, problem-solving tough situations like bullying, peer pressure, unexpected changes, test anxiety, rejection, etc.


Self-disciplined children control their impulses, considering possible consequences and goals before they act. Our programs purposely challenge children in areas they most need work. Children will face positive role models as well as learn to resist temptations.


The more confident children are, the more likely they are to try new things, stand firm against peer pressure, feel proud of who they are, and really give their best shot at everything they do. Components of a growth mindset like positive thinking are taught, practiced, and reinforced.

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