Level Up Emotional Intelligence

StrengthBuilders make developing social and emotional intelligence a fun game! Assess, train, and track behavioral readiness, including positive thinking, perseverance, communication, and impulse control.

curaJOY’s interactive online learning method is specially designed for children ages 5-11. We break down emotional intelligence into specific, foundational skills and give students unlimited practice to achieve their goals.

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The Power of Differentiation

Pick the Right Program

StrengthBuilders is the world’s first multilingual emotional intelligence skills program in Mandarin and English, and our curriculum is designed for children ages 5-11. Every child has unique skills and experiences – let’s build on them!

Assess Baseline Skills

The StrengthBuilders assessment doesn’t look or feel like a test, so children are more likely to buy in and stay engaged. Compare scores against nationally recognized benchmarks with a detailed behavioral skills report.

Target Essential Training

Our AI-driven algorithm took seven years to develop, and it has been extensively reviewed by the National Science Foundation. StrengthBuilders continually evaluates skills, measures progress, and adjusts accordingly.

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Our programs are available in English and Mandarin with affordable one-year subscriptions.

Emotional Intelligence Games

Gamified cognitive psychology principles | Effectively improve social and emotional intelligence


Zoo Academy

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Teaching Six Essential Skills

How We Do It


with Professional Voice Acting Guides

Improve active listening, word choices, body language, and more. StrengthBuilders includes hours of professional voice recordings in English and Mandarin to help children master the importance of tone and inflection.


with Unlimited Practice and Do-Overs

Leadership and conflict resolution stem from strong cooperation skills. Students can replay scenes and practice challenges as many times as they’d like until the new skills stick! Then, the program automatically evaluates and adjusts.


with AI-Driven Personalization

Perspective taking is a core element of the entire program, and we teach empathy through real-world practice. The algorithm’s deep AI curriculum builder automatically adds in more empathy lessons for students who need more support.


Learn to Fail and Get Back Up

Growing numbers of experts say Our gamified program is fun, engaging, and interactive; it also weaves resilience skills into every activity. The differentiated curriculum is both age- and level-appropriate with targeted challenges to overcome.


Specialized for Learning Differences

Impulse control can’t be taught through lectures and video lessons – students need opportunities to practice! StrengthBuilders is especially beneficial for children with learning differences who struggle with discipline, including ADHD and autism.


with Inner Armor + Shining Moments

StrengthBuilders gives children the ‘inner armor’ they need to stand up against peer pressure and take pride in their work. Critical thinking development, mindfulness, and positive thinking exercises give them the tools to succeed.

A Proven Approach

Research-Backed Curriculum Designed by Education Experts
  • Funded by US Department of Education Grants
  • Reviewed by the National Science Foundation
  • Published in six scientific journals
  • Evaluated in a five-year, multi-state efficacy study

ADHD doesn’t only affect attention. Better considered an executive function and self-regulation deficit, ADHD affects the whole person — the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and social self. It increases daily stress and chips away at a positive sense of self. It interferes with self-care and makes it hard to keep healthy habits. This helps to…

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According to recent research, the prevalence of anxiety and sadness in children increased during the pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the lives of children, who are acutely aware of the changes. As a result, children became introverted, refusing to open up to anyone to express their feelings. Hence it is critical that…

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The door bangs shut. Your teen is home from middle school with their head hanging down and in disbelief. When you ask how the day went, they bury their head in their hands, cry, and share that their best friend is spreading rumors about them all over school and not letting them sit with any…

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In April 2021, Understood’s “Pandemic Learning Impact Study” surveyed a total of 1,500 parents of both neurotypical children and children who learn and think differently across the U.S. to understand how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted children academically and emotionally. The report found that children who have learning and thinking differences, like ADHD, or specific…

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With things slowly opening up, for some, the feelings of social anxiety may intensify. Certain situations can be very stressful for children, which can heighten feelings of anxiety. There is a continuum for anxiety levels: on one end there is healthy anxiety that helps the child succeed in daily tasks; and on the other end…

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Adele’s new album about her divorce came right on time. She sings heartbreakingly about sadness for herself and her son at a time when a growing number of families around the world are grappling with the grief and confusion of breaking up. Divorces are on the rise. Many of the data show spikes in some…

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