StrengthBuilder: Zoo Academy (English Edition)

To thrive in life, your child must possess a solid foundation of social emotional skills that empower them to learn, dream, recover, adapt, and connect. And it’s not just about excelling at school – academic skills and social emotional skills go hand in hand when it comes to ultimate life satisfaction and success. Through more than 23 progressive levels and 20+ hours of gameplay, StrengthBuilder: Zoo Academy systematically develops then hones the skills necessary to cultivate a growth mindset and emotional intelligence in children pre-K through 1st grade. curaFUN’s Zoo Academy is an interactive and effective experiential learning program for children to practice new skills to eventually develop better habits and better approaches in real life. The guidance component of StrengthBuilder: Zoo Academy provides a personalized Strength Assessment Report and Personal Development Roadmap from psycho-educational experts.

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Nearly half of the students entering elementary school lack necessary social emotional skills, and this deficit hinders their academic development. Without these skills, children’s prospect of achieving long-term academic and career success and maintaining a healthy self-image is crippled.  Enable your child to reach their full potential by cultivating life and social emotional skills proven and recommended by child development experts in the West for years.

While children learn how to read and write at school, they often don’t get the opportunity to develop social emotional skills. This is especially true for gifted children and those in dual-income families. Children with high emotional intelligence can maximize and truly leverage their aptitude creatively to stand out from the crowd. No matter how high a child’s IQ is, if they lack EQ, they won’t survive the challenges and struggles of school and the professional world.  Benefits of StrengthBuilder: Zoo Academy impact every academic subject and performance area for your children.

There is wisdom in the saying “practice makes perfect!” Just like professional performers who rehearse steadfastly before shows, these scenes can be played repeatedly all year round to maximize learning and retention.

In an age where parents distrust video games which often focus on addictive gameplay for maximizing vendor’s in-game purchase revenue, your purchase includes 12 months of unlimited gameplay for your child as well as personalized assessments and recommendations.  In the 20+ hours that your child spends playing StrengthBuilder: Zoo Academy, they will achieve a real sense of accomplishment from incremental improvement on tasks slightly above their current level. StrengthBuilder: Zoo Academy makes children feel proud of their accomplishments in the game, so they are more likely to practice good behaviors in real-life situations.

An invaluable component of our program is the insights and recommendations you’ll receive from curaFUN during your child’s gameplay and upon completion of the program. Licensed psychologists, counselors and educational advisors took thousands of hours to design, verify and compile our assessment algorithm, benchmark data and personalized feedback. curaFUN’s programs’ efficacy have been documented in more than seven peer reviewed scientific studies, numerous media reports and books in the US. Parents will be able to monitor their children’s progress on their account’s dashboard and gain insights into their specific strengths and weaknesses as well as recommended activities to help your child work on any lacking skill areas.

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