Multilingual Immersion: Zoo Academy


curaJOY’s Multilingual Immersion products are intended for intermediate to advanced learners of English and Mandarin Chinese to reach complete mastery.  They allow children to switch from one language to the other but not side by side the way many bilingual and translated products are presented.  The dual-language formats are useful and necessary for certain types of language learning tools such as dictionaries, but they can also unintentionally encourage children to translate from their native language, creating a forever gap between the two.   Multilingual Immersion integrates both English and Mandarin in social, reading and listening activities in an intuitive language learning immersion experience.

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Parent Dashboard

Parents can monitor and track their child’s progress, and have access to the same assessment report and Strength Building Roadmap that’s part of every StrengthBuilder subscription.

English Edition of StrengthBuilder

Play in your child’s native language first, then either proceeding (advanced) or re-playing the scene in their second language (intermediate). Listening comprehension is critical in both language editions.

Chinese Edition of StrengthBuilder

None of the dialogues have been slowed down in order to create true immersion. If Chinese is your child’s second language, consider playing each scene in English first.

What We Cover In Our Programs


The more confident children are, the more likely they are to try new things, stand firm against peer pressure, feel proud of who they are, and really give their best shot at everything they do. Components of a growth mindset like positive thinking are taught, practiced, and reinforced.


Growing numbers of experts say resilience is the #1 key to success. We don’t just “lecture” about resilience. In our programs, children learn by doing–overcoming, problem-solving tough situations like bullying, peer pressure, unexpected changes, test anxiety, rejection, etc.


We cover topics including active listening, perspective taking, word choices, body language, negotiation styles that children usually have to wait until college to learn. Boosting communication skills benefit children’s academic, social, and family life by helping them feel understood and obtain support.


Empathy is foundational to conflict resolution, leadership, and emotional wellbeing. It doesn’t just help people get along, but also enhances happiness and reduces stress. Perspective taking is frequently practiced throughout all programs, and aids problem solving greatly.


Lessons in this category help your child in conflict resolution and become a leader from an early age. Developing cooperation strength also helps children make, keep friends, and start preparing for leadership roles.


Self-disciplined children control their impulses, considering possible consequences and goals before they act. Our programs purposely challenge children in areas they most need work. Children will face positive role models as well as learn to resist temptations.