Will my child use the program? Is it boring?

Will my child use the program? Is it boring?

Question: You claim that games in your programs are educational and not addictive. Then does that mean it’s boring and my kids won’t like it?

Our programs are definitely not entertainment. curaFUN programs professionally evaluate children in six core strength areas, and then dynamically calibrate level of difficulty to challenge your kids especially in areas where they need the most work. We all have our natural strengths and weaknesses, but our weaknesses only stay as such if we cower from them and allow them the power to become forever stumbling blocks. curaFUN’s AI driven programs are customized for your child and also grounded on the concept of ZPD. Growth is uncomfortable. We would be selling snake oil if we claim that your kids will volunteer to play StrengthBuilders or Multilingual Immersions over watching TV or playing PS4. For example, when we are training—yes, interactively training rather than just lecturing—kids to practice perseverance and patience, will the game be fast and easy?  In another post, we gave an analogy of a junior sales person attending a two-hour negotiation seminar one weekend, and expecting to suddenly close every deal for his company the next week.

Do you truly want to see results?   Real progress is hard, but it’s what we’re after. We care about your child’s growth more than being the most entertaining game on the market, so please encourage your child on their growth journey.

curaFUN programs are not entertainment. We’ve designed tough lessons to be effective yet still fun, and you can set your child up for success by allotting regular time(s) each week for them to concentrate on their subscription as a substitute for other learning activities. We find that when offered the choice between typical school work on our program, they’ll choose curaFUN every time.

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