Multilingual Immersions

A New Way To Master A New Language And Its Culture

We collaborated with child psychologists, school counselors and educators to develop culturally relevant, linguistically accurate and effective Mandarin Chinese versions of our social emotional and language fluency training programs. Language learning is fun only when it offers concrete socio-emotional benefits to the learner because humans are fundamentally social creatures. Gameplay scenarios mimic common interactions children have in order for them to comfortably carry out such conversations using a foreign language in real life.

Being fluently multilingual gives children an edge in an increasingly diverse global economy. Those who are bilingual earn up to 20 percent more than their monolingual counterparts. School systems around the world include at least one required foreign language, some starting as early as elementary school, but how come more of us aren’t fluently multilingual?

To find some answers, let’s rewind and look at how people acquire their native language. Parents talk, sing, and read to their infants from birth. From listening comprehension, children then adventure into speaking that language. It is no wonder that no number of language-learning programs, which are mostly vocabulary-based and similarly fragmented instructional techniques, fail to engender fluency.

Use It or Lose It

Language learning is fun only when it offers concrete socio-emotional benefits to the learner because humans are fundamentally social creatures. For example, when a new language helps children develop lasting friendships or earn appreciation from a respected adult, they become motivated and inspired to proactively further learn that foreign language. curaFun’s Multilingual Immersions mimic real-world interactions in a 100% language immersion model, offering children an opportunity to use that foreign language, which is the key bottleneck in being fluent in another language.

What is Multilingual Immersion?

None of the dialogues have been slowed down in order to create true immersion. If Chinese is your child’s second language, consider playing each scene in English first.

Chinese Edition of StrengthBuilder

None of the dialogues have been slowed down in order to create true immersion. If Chinese is your child’s second language, consider playing each scene in English first.


Personalized learning plan and guidance on becoming multilingual from our coaches with regular assignments and tips based on your child’s performance.

English Edition of StrengthBuilder

Play in your child’s native language first, then either proceeding (advanced) or re-playing the scene in their second language (intermediate). Listening comprehension is critical in both language editions.

Virtual Exchange Student

Eligibility to participate in our Virtual International Exchange Student program with children from other countries who’s native language is your child’s target language in small group, guided activities and exchanges.

Parent Dashboard

Parents can monitor and track your child’s progress, and have access to the same assessment report and Strength Building Roadmap that’s part of every StrengthBuilder subscription.

We thrive on interpersonal connections and are motivated by human interaction. Do you know anyone who mastered a foreign language quickly after falling in love with somebody from that country? That previous alien foreign language that exists in dictionaries and translation apps suddenly comes alive.

When children finally reach a point in their foreign language development where it facilitates greater social connection and better relationships, they become internally motivated towards mastery. curaFUN Multilingual Immersion get children to that sweet spot through our language immersion programs based on gamified social interactions and real-life virtual exchange student program.

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When children are learning language only in language classes, for example afterschool or weekend language school, they compartmentalize the foreign language into something they have to do for the duration of the class, and that foreign language serves no purpose and retains no relevancy in children’s lives. From the moment children customize their avatar in curaFUN Multilingual Immersions, they must fully adopt their foreign language, especially listening comprehension, and experience the benefits of their growing mastery of the language as they go on fun quests, mini-games, rescue those in need and interact with virtual peers and teachers.

One of the biggest obstacles to true multilingualism lies in the lack of relevant context.

The dual-language formats (side by side) common in most language learning programs can also unintentionally encourage children to translate from their native language, creating a forever gap between the two. Multilingual Immersion integrates both English and Mandarin in social, reading and listening activities in an intuitive language learning immersion experience.

Throughout our programs, children prepare and practice conversations they will face in real life, such as finding appropriate friends, conflict resolution, facing bullies, joining conversations, playing card games, being left out and much more Rehearsing these interactions socially enable children to progress toward language and social fluency and gain the confidence to apply their newly learned skills in real life.

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