Is the StrengthBuilder game an IQ test or assessment?

curaFUN’s StrengthBuilder is an age-specific collection of comprehensive 3-part programs which assess, improve and roadmap the social emotional skills, performance and behavioral readiness of children ages 5-15. The composite score from StrengthBuilder assessments have been validated to be a reliable social emotional competence (SEC) score. (Cronbach’s alpha =.82).  Validity of StrengthBuilder’s evaluations and reporting went through rigorous validation criteria, compiling multiple qualitative and quantitative data points including

  • Clinical research staff’s 1-on-1 observation of children’s gameplays (prior, during, post evaluations)
  • Children’s self-evaluation and feedback
  • Educators’ standardized assessment scale of children
  • Parents’ assessment of children using Devereux Student Strengths Assessment short form (DESSA-mini)
  • Review by clinical psychology and third party research agencies

In fact, StrengthBuilder games are the only social emotional games to go through large-scale efficacy studies by the US Department of Education.

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