I volunteer my mom.

My husband had died several years before, when my son was 13. I tried to finish raising the five kids well, and in the spirit of a good family. I unexpectedly received a huge affirmation one day, when my son, now independent and living in an apartment not far from me, called me with a request.
He said, “Mom, there’s this really nice lady who lives here, and is having a lot of problems. She will be evicted tomorrow, and has nowhere to go for two days. I told her, without asking you, ‘I know my mom will have you at her home’ “

Of course, I took her in…. but my kindness to her is not the story. I felt so proud of my son – to see his sense of care for another in distress. And I also felt amazingly praised by my son – knowing he could offer my help, knowing I would want to give to someone in need. He knew, without question, that this was one of our family values, one that he fully believed I would support.
Over time, this lady became one of my closest friends, even though we were many years and lifestyles apart. Because of his empathy, my son gave me a beautiful friend for life.

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