Help Children Thrive

Approximately 39% of children ages 5-17 experience emotional distress, 17 percent of children have some type of social or emotional delay, and more than 14% of children have learning differences like ADHD, autism, dyslexia. The number of adolescents with mental health issues has increased by 71% from 2008 – 2017 with the more severe cases considering suicide is also up 47%. This puts them at risk of entering adulthood, with all the responsibilities that come with it, at a disadvantage, prone to have more trouble in their relationships with family and friends.

Children from multi-cultural backgrounds face an inordinate amount of challenges today. From having to navigate two cultures and languages to deal with peers, it’s easy for them to sometimes feel like they don’t fit in anywhere. 

While there are many social emotional learning (SEL) programs available to teachers and professionals, several factors limit their reach and impact. The SEL programs available today take a top-down and instructional approach, but they only target students, rather than truly involving the entire families. We know that the social and emotional wellbeing of parents and their children are interdependent.

At CuraFUN, our goal is to help children growing up in multicultural families not only improve their social-emotional skills, but elevate their entire families’ emotional wellbeing, and give them a pathway to achieve their dreams–in both school and in life.  

Here’s your chance to fuel their success. Your donation helps us improve and grow our multilingual social-emotional learning and motivation games. With your support, we can teach children of multi-cultural families how to conquer their fears and their obstacles and THRIVE. 


Your donation is greatly appreciated. Together, we can help our children achieve.

But curaFun can’t do this alone. We need your help. As a 501(C)3 organization, we rely on community support. All gifts are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law and help us to continue to provide these important programs.

  • Cash gifts: A donation in cash is always the most efficient way to support what we do because cash can be immediately applied to priority areas-of-need. You may send a check, make an online donation, or pledge your gift over several months.
  • In-kind gifts: We do accept a limited number of in-kind gifts, such as graphic design, website design, and so forth. Please contact us in advance if you have something you think we could use.
  • Volunteering: We can always use volunteers for any of our marketing or fundraising efforts. Please reach out if you’re interested.

To us, it’s all about the children. curaFun’s primary purpose is to help children enhance their social and emotional wellness to gain the tools that will turn their lives around and put them on the road to long-term success. We would be honored if you would join us in this important work as a volunteer and/or a financial donor.

What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.

Albert Pine

About CuraFUN 

CuraFUN is a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to enhancing the social and emotional well-being of children, particularly those living in a multi-cultural household. We believe that by teaching children essential life skills, such as self-discipline, empathy, resilience, and others, they can grow up to be happy, healthy adults and contributing members of society. 

By providing tools and a platform for children to hone their emotional intelligence and self-awareness, we can help future generations not only live fulfilling lives, but develop the tools needed to raise loving, inquisitive, and motivated children of their own.