Community Guidelines

Be Happy

Don’t we all want to be happy?  curaFUN is all about joy, long-lasting happiness, and we are a non-profit formed to build and support children’s inner strengths—emotional fitness—in fun yet effective ways so they experience fulfill their maximum potential.  To make sure curaFUN’s community is a happy, safe and supportive place, we have a few simple guidelines that all participants should follow.  If you see any violations of our community policy, please contact us right away.

No hidden agendas – curaFUN is about multilingualism and inner strengths.  It’s a positive and uplifting community.  There’s enough chaos, fighting and other stressors in the world.  Please leave your political, religious, or other non-related agendas when you’re here.  Posts intending to sell, spam, mislead will be removed.

You won’t find curaFUN serving any advertisement to you from google, Amazon or any other sources in our community.  We don’t sell or trade your personal information either.

Be Safe – curaFUN makes every effort to moderate its online community but asks members to still employ best online safety practices.  Don’t share identifying personal details! (i.e phone numbers, emails, address, birthday, etc.)

Common Sense Media is another non-profit educational organization, and they have an online safety course you can review with your parent here.

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