8 Films to Develop Emotional Intelligence

8 Films to Develop Emotional Intelligence

The main objective of education is to favor the integral development of the individual, contemplating all his dimensions, among which is the emotional one. Human beings have both a rational mind, related to the ability to emit thoughts logically and analytically, a process of which we are fully aware, and an emotional sense in charge of feelings and impulses.

If until the end of the 20th-century education has focused almost exclusively on developing the rational mind through cognitive instruction: acquisition of knowledge in language, mathematics, natural and social sciences, languages from the appearance of the term Emotional Intelligence, education begins to consider feelings and emotions as fundamental factors for the integral development of the person.

Emotional intelligence is an essential element in learning. Many students are burdened with studies, work, and other difficulties. At this point, they are emotionally broken and ask to write my paper for m e. These films will improve emotional intelligence and build emotional resilience. It, in turn, will allow students to make time for their studies.

Cinema can generate a strong emotional impact on people. When we see how other people live and express their emotions, we can analyze and reflect on them without feeling judged. Movies are full of opportunities to learn to recognize the feelings of their different characters, to empathize, to see how the emotions of others influence our own. For this reason, cinema is a great tool to educate in emotions.

We can use some of the films to work formally on emotional education and watch as a family and reflect on them or use them in specific cases. For example, the death of a family member, illness, and, ultimately, to enrich us emotionally and increase the ability to empathize are:

1. Inside Out

We begin with a movie that cannot be missed when talking about emotional education. In this Disney movie, emotions are, literally, the protagonists. A film with a profound meaning for both children and adults that invites us to learn about basic emotions such as “joy,” “sadness,” “anger,” “fear,” and “disgust.” It also shows us how the process is every time a feeling invades us: how they arise, their consequences, and ways to manage them.

Did you know that although research talks about six basic emotions, out of those six, “surprise” was eliminated because it did not fit well in the film? And that each emotion had hundreds of versions in the design phase until the final one based on a basic geometric shape or a drawing was achieved?

2. Wonder

This film addresses bullying, self-esteem, self-concept, respect, and tolerance towards difference, acceptance.

It narrates the life of Auggie Pullman, a 10-year-old boy born with a facial malformation, Treacher Collins Syndrome, […]

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