Experiential and Visual Learning for All Age Groups

Replace your mountain of endless to-do lists, family reward charts, kanban boards, progress trackers, journals that require too much of your time and willpower in one visual, gamified experience.

Stop being disappointed or frustrated! 

We develop science-backed, A.I.-enabled learning games to promote personal growth and social emotional learning with the latest advances in brain research, psychology,  behavioral science, and take the human error factor out of implementation.


  • Convenient, effective at-home behavior therapy
  • Social skills training for twice gifted children and others with learning differences
  • Medication-free approach to manage ADHD symptoms
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  • Gamified instruction = High client compliance and satisfaction
  • Detailed, individual student progress reports
  • Quick and cost efficient way to implement personalized, differentiated learning
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No more failed goals and crushed dreams.

The ability to overcome obstacles and achieve is fundamental to people’s self esteem, especially in children who are still developing their sense of self. 

What if one of the answers to reducing inequality and addressing mental health concerns among young children is as simple as providing more opportunities to play? A growing body of research and several experts are making the case for play to boost the well-being of young children as the pandemic drags on—even as concerns over…

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curaFUN, a nonprofit organization dedicated to building children’s emotional fitness, has released a series of programs aimed at building social emotional skills, available in English and Chinese. For more information, visit https://www.curafun.com/schools This latest announcement will help schools provide critical emotional and social education for their students, enabling children to develop the emotional intelligence and…

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Kai Humphrey, 9, has been learning from home for more than a year. He badly misses his Washington, D.C., elementary school, along with his friends and the bustle of the classroom.“I will be the first person ever to have every single person in the world as my friend,” he said on a recent Zoom call,…

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Recent research from the Kaiser Family Fund reports that more than 25% of high school students experienced worsening emotional and cognitive health during since March 2020, and more than 20% of parents with children ages 5-12 reported similar worsening conditions for their children. As we move into the new school year, helping to provide our…

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Children from low socio-economic background lack the essential skills to cope up with emotional and financial instability caused by poverty. Currently, 128 million children are enrolled in the Indian public education system. These children live in poverty, with most having a household income of USD two or less a day.Their vulnerabilities lead to reduced attentiveness,…

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Have you ever envied anyone who has better grades, bigger house, more recognition, popularity.. and grumbled “Why did she get xxx and not me?!?*#”  It’s easy to look at people who seem to have it all–beauty, fitness, great career, wealth, freedom and tell ourselves that it’s all luck.  Malcolm Gladwell wrote in his bestseller book,…

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IQ + EQ = Lifelong Success

curaFUN’s interactive online programs improve confidence, time management, communication, emotional intelligence, self-discipline and social skills.