Experiential and Visual Learning for All Age Groups

Replace your mountain of endless to-do lists, family reward charts, kanban boards, progress trackers, journals that require too much of your time and willpower in one visual, gamified experience.

Stop being disappointed or frustrated! 

We develop science-backed, A.I.-enabled learning games to promote personal growth and social emotional learning with the latest advances in brain research, psychology,  behavioral science, and take the human error factor out of implementation.

No more failed goals and crushed dreams.

The ability to overcome obstacles and achieve is fundamental to people’s self esteem, especially in children who are still developing their sense of self. 

For Families

  • Convenient, effective at-home behavior therapy
  • Social skills training for twice gifted children and others with learning differences
  • Medication-free approach to prevent or minimize ADHD symptoms

For Schools and Professionals

  • Improved parent satisfaction with social emotional education curriculum
  • Detailed, individual student progress data and reports
  • Respected, proven program complementary to your services
  • Gamified instruction = High client compliance and satisfaction
  • Consistent execution of cognitive psychology and behavior therapy principles
  • Quick and cost efficient way to implement personalized, differentiated learning

Who doesn’t procrastinate?

Who doesn’t procrastinate?

  • I am too busy.
  • I am too tired.
  • I don't have the energy.
  • I am too scared.
  • I don't know where to start.
These are the most common excuses people use when they procrastinate—delay doing what they need to do. How many of these have you personally used? According to the American Psychological Association, almost 80% of the people surveyed admit to lying to themselves about the reasons they put off doing things. So, ... Read More
Write The Soundtrack of Your Life

Write The Soundtrack of Your Life

When you’re sad, mad, frustrated…, it can be hard to tell what will make you feel better. Maybe you want someone who will just listen without being too nosy, or you might tell yourself distractions like ice cream or TV will soothe, but sometimes, what we really need is time alone to write. This article gives you some tips on how to use writing as a self-care tool. Throughout my ... Read More
Is Your House a Pressure Cooker? How To Fight Less And Reduce Family Conflicts

Is Your House a Pressure Cooker? How To Fight Less And Reduce Family Conflicts

Are you more polite/considerate/presentable/tidier/ in public or at home with family? Amazingly, many people treat complete strangers better than they treat their own spouse or children. We blurt out hurtful comments, leave a mess, expect 24/7 help and behave in ways we wouldn’t dare with people who care less about us and people who should matter less than those closest to us. As important as it is to treat ... Read More
Wield The Power of Discipline Toward Your Dreams

Wield The Power of Discipline Toward Your Dreams

Have you ever envied anyone who has better grades, bigger house, more recognition, popularity.. and grumbled “Why did she get xxx and not me?!?*#” It’s easy to look at people who seem to have it all--beauty, fitness, great career, wealth, freedom and tell ourselves that it’s all luck. Malcolm Gladwell wrote in his bestseller book, Outliers, that all successful people who achieved mastery in any area have devoted at least ... Read More
Thinking Outside of <strike>the Box</strike> Yourself for a Happier Life

Thinking Outside of the Box Yourself for a Happier Life

Much of our own unhappiness and the world’s problems disappears when we can put ourselves in someone else’s shoes. Everyone has a different story, and understanding their perspectives not only make you feel better about any situations (even upsetting ones) but improve your overall happiness. Babies start out in life completely egocentric, only aware of and concerned with their own needs, and slowly realize that the world does not only ... Read More
Why is it always hard to establish relationships? Know your attachment style.

Why is it always hard to establish relationships? Know your attachment style.

You ask for a babysitter to help take care of your children, because you have something urgent that you must deal with. And then you come home after you have finished your task. What do you think the caregiver will say about your child? It would be “he/she’s such a nice kid, he/she stopped crying after I tried to comfort him/her instantly.” Or do you think it would be “he/she ... Read More
Reasons why your communication’s not working

Reasons why your communication’s not working

In recent years, there has been a cat translation app that allows pet owners to try to understand what their cat wants to express. This app was created by the engineer who designed Alexa. It allows the owner to record the cat's meowing sounds, and then the program will start to match the cat's voice with possible meanings through a process quite similar to trial and error learning method. If ... Read More
How to get your kids to……<br>Motivate Your Kids to Get Things Done

How to get your kids to……
Motivate Your Kids to Get Things Done

“Put the dishes away when you’re done.”             “Don’t take your sister’s toys without asking her first.” How often do you feel like a broken record?  Between after school activities, homework, video games, soccer practice, and just keeping up with life, getting your kids to do what they’re supposed to do sometimes feel herculean and impossible.  You ask nicely, repeatedly, and nobody does anything until you Jekyll and Hyde into ... Read More
Poor communications and a dirty dozen

Poor communications and a dirty dozen

originally published in Chinese Poor communications exist in all kind of interpersonal relationships. Especially between parents and children, spouses, and friends. These poor communications often lead to negative emotions and conflicts, and even affect the willingness of both parties to continue communication, and even worsen the interpersonal relationship. I remember that when I was in junior high school, I was young and reckless. It was easy for me to get ... Read More

IQ + EQ = Lifelong Success

curaFUN’s interactive online programs improve confidence, time management, communication, emotional intelligence, self-discipline and social skills.